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Entire Audio solutions under one roof.
SOUND 'N' VISION is founded in rajahmundry on 1994 by the name "INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS" . We have branches in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Tanuku. Everywhere we have taught studies of poor and backward with the sponsorship and co-operation from the LIONS CLUB. We have educated 20115 students in all of our branches. In the year 2000 we have created a new era by establishing the Bluray Technologies electronics research institute. Our biggest achievement till date is the creation of MATRIX-DECODER used in all the amplifiers used in the theatres, this decoder has set a grand stage in reducing the cost factor of the sound systems used in theatres. The Founder, Mr.Sanjeev have experimented and travelled to various countries and succeeded in bringing latest and affordable technology to india. In the year 2006, we have established a new showroom by the name of "HOME THEATRE SHOPPY" at danavaipeta, Rajahmundry. Now in 2012, we have established a new showroom at main road,Rajahmundry by the name of "SOUND N VISION". In the field of Acoustics,we Provide vast range and best quality home theatres at affordable prices. Our Product range starts from Rs 1500/- to Rs 1500000/- depending on the requirement of the customer. We provide sound systems to houses, theatres , open auditoriums, Conference halls, shopping malls and all entertainment junctions. We have all multi brand 3D Home theatres, 3D Amplifiers, 3D Blu-ray Players, 3D Tower speakers, 3D projectors, 3D LED and LCD Televisions , 3D High-Definition audio systems and all theatre equipment sound systems. Our specialities are acoustic ceiling, echo-free wooden flooring , echo-free wooden wall panels and also audio equipped bath showers. We also provide the best in class technicians for installing the home theatres. We believe in policy "CUSTOMER IS GOD".

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